About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Teaching Writing publishes articles of interest to teachers at all grade levels, from preschool through university, whose interest or responsibility is the teaching of writing. Articles address the practices and theories which bear on our knowledge of how people learn and communicate through writing. Whether the focus of such articles is on language development, the composing process, discourse theory, or writing pedagogy, the content should clearly reflect the spirit of inquiry which characterizes the revelation we sometimes experience when we reflect on our teaching; the stimulating conversation we have had with colleagues; the insight we have gained through an effective presentation at a professional conference; or the proposition we have entertained from a professional journal or book--in short, they should enable the reader to make a connection between what happens or could happen in class and what he/she has heard, read, or wondered about in the profession. We especially welcome articles written by classroom teachers, whether they are first-time writers or well-established authors. In any case, we encourage peer review of manuscripts before they are submitted to confirm for the writer that the content is not repetitive of knowledge which is already well-known or outdated but is sufficiently fresh to be considered.

Articles may range in length from short descriptions (10-15 pages) of principles or practices which offer helpful insights to longer pieces (15-20 pages) which explore topics in greater detail. All articles should have a clear philosophical or theoretical basis.


The Journal of Teaching Writing is published by the Indiana Teachers of Writing. The online version of this journal is hosted and supported by IUPUI University Library.

Peer Review Process

The Editorial Board reviews all manuscripts anonymously; the Editor makes the final selections for each issue. Authors are notified of a decision within approximately five months. Publication of accepted manuscripts generally occurs twelve to eighteen months after submission. The rate of acceptance is approximately twenty (20) percent. For a full description of the submission guidelines please look under "For Authors" on the right and follow the links.

Delayed Open Access

The contents of this journal become open access 24 months after publication.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of Teaching Writing is published twice a year, in the spring and the fall.